• Chengmei Precision Co., Ltd

    Chengmei Precision Technology Co., Ltd concentrating on the precision machinery manufacturing field,
    the application industry is very wide, such as communication, IT, automobile,
    household electrical appliances, medical care, military industry and so on, to provide
    custom-made product service for customers.

    Rapid response capability, quality assurance, cost control level and technological innovation
    capability serve as core competitiveness and serve customers better.
    Address:Shangsha Second Industrial Zone,Changan Town,Dongguan City,Guangzhou,China


    Scope: automatic parts, precision fixture, jig, CNC processing, machining, etc.

    automatic spare parts 1

    medical machine parts 1

    medical machine parts 2

    automatic spare parts

    fixture 1

    fixture 2

    mechanical parts1

    mechanical parts 2