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[Cas No.] 106-46-7
[Molecular formula] C6H4Cl2
[Molecular weight] 147.002
[Appearance] White laminated shape or granulated crystallization
[Packing] 25kg/kraft bags


It is used to synthesize scarlet GG, reactive light yellow and other dyes, which are used as pesticide intermediates, vertical steaming killing agents, fabric mothproof agents, organic synthesis and organic analytical reagents and solvents;
P-dichlorobenzene is an intermediate of fenitracin, dicamba and quizaloform, as well as a hot material and pharmaceutical intermediate. It can also be used as a domestic fenitracin and mothproof agent.
Health hazard: This product is irritant to eyes and upper respiratory tract, has inhibitory effect on central nervous system, and causes liver and kidney damage. People can show weakness, dizziness and vomiting when exposed to high concentration. In severe cases, liver jaundice is damaged, and liver damage can develop into liver necrosis or cirrhosis. Prolonged exposure to this product has slight irritation to the skin and causes burning sensation. Environmental hazards: it can pollute water, soil and atmosphere
Danger of combustion and explosion: it is combustible, and its powder can form explosive mixture when mixed with air. Part IV first aid measures
Skin contact: take off contaminated clothes and wash skin thoroughly with soapy water and clear water. If you feel unwell, see a doctor. Blind to catch the clock: lift the eyes and face, rinse with flowing water or normal saline, and see a doctor if you feel uncomfortable.
Inhalation: quickly leave the site to fresh air and keep the respiratory tract unobstructed. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen, stop breathing and heartbeat, and immediately carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation. See a doctor.
Ingestion: drink enough warm water, hasten leaves and seek medical advice.

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