Sodium Alpha-olefin sulfonate (AOS)
  • 作者: yigyooly
  • 来源: original
  • 日期 : 2007-10-15
Cas No.: 68439-57-6
Appearance: white powder
Packing: 25kg/PP bags

 The addition of AOS can improve the solubility of soap in water, and the wetting and foaming power of soap at low temperature also increase rapidly.
AOS was added to soaps with fatty acid sodium as the main component, which enhanced foaming power, anti-hard water ability, flexibility and resistance to cracking.
In liquid detergents, AOS has a great influence on the viscosity of products. According to the characteristics of AOS in decontamination, hard water resistance, viscosity and other aspects, AOS has been widely used in liquid detergents with high active components.
AOS is extremely stable under acidic conditions, and the skin of normal people is weakly acidic (pH value is about 5.5), so AOS is suitable for personal washing products. Shampoo with AOS as the main active component is more foaming than K12, so AOS can be used in personal care products such as baths, hand sanitizers and cleansers
In the phosphate-free laundry powders with LAS and AOS as anionic active components, when the ratio of AOS to anionic active components is greater than 20%, decontamination is significantly improved. The synergistic effect of AOS on detergency of phosphate-free laundry powders was more prominent than that of phosphate-containing powders.