Ammonium Bicarbonate
  • 作者: yigyooly
  • 来源: original
  • 日期 : 2007-11-17

CAS No.: 1066-33-7
Appearance: White powder
Packing: In 25kg/50LB polywoven/kraft paper bags.

Ammonium bicarbonate is used as leavening agent in food industry to make bread, pastry, flat bread and biscuit. It is considered to be a good bulking agent, because it decomposes at a temperature lower than 60 ℃, so it does not have the taste of ammonia, and thus provides a good taste for food.            
 It is used in leather chrome tanning. It helps better chrome distribution and color absorption,
making leather texture smooth            
Ammonium bicarbonate is also used in the production of ammonium salts,
such as high-temperature shift catalysts, ceramics, porous plastics, dyes, pigments and catalysts            
it is also used as an additive for fire extinguisher foam neutralization for
removing scales from thermal interactors.            
Ammonium bicarbonate is also used to produce nylon and lubricating oil, and for beneficiation.            
Neutral fertilizer, suitable for all kinds of soil and crops.