Sodium Perborate
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  • 日期 : 2007-10-15
 Product name  sodium perborate monohydrate Sodium perborate tetrahydrate
Molecular formula NaBO3. H2O NaBO3.4H2O
molecular weight 99.81 153.86
Cas No. 10332-33-9 10486-00-7 
introduction Sodium perborate is a true inorganic peroxide containing a cyclicperoxide ring structure.
Sodium perborate is produced commercially in both atetrahydrateand monohydrate form both tetrahydrate and monohydrate form of sodium perborate are odourless, easy to use, free flowing wihtegranular powder.
Sodium perborate is manufactured by reaction of sodium tetraborate, hydrogen peroxide, and sodium hydroxide
application It can be used as oxidant, bleaching agent, bactericide, deodorizer, detergent, etc. Sodium perborate has strong bleaching ability, but does not damage fibers. It is suitable for bleaching of protein fibers such as wool / silk and long fiber * * c otton cloth. In medicine, it can be used as disinfectant, bactericide, mordant, detergent assistant, deodorant, electroplating solution additive, analytical reagent, organic synthetic polymerization agent, toothpaste, cosmetics, etc.